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Customized Services

For benefit of students and immigrants we also include Customized services as a part of our service profile. The package can be customized as per the individual requirements of the client.

Flight Booking

Our Travel desk executive will assist you with flight booking at lowest possible rates. You can confirm tickets on receipt of visa all at one place. You just need to inform your travel requirements. On obtaining the travel requirements our travel desk will attend your request with flight information kit.

Accommodation Booking

Our accommodation booking services is nominally charged for all clients traveling overseas, our executive makes a point to give the best match in given budget for comfortable and secure accommodation overseas. Parents are always concerned for the well-being of their children while sending them for studies abroad. Understanding their concerns we provide them appropriate accommodation solutions with safe environment.

Post Landing Services

  • Air port pick
  • Opening bank account and obtaining credit card abroad
  • SIN number
  • PR card application
  • Extension of study permit
  • Change of status for visitor / students /worker
  • Employment awareness and job seeking

Preparing application for Travel documents, getting apostille services, notary service, money transfer and preparing various supporting documents are few of other customized services in our portfolio.

CAIPS for Canada

Caips service is specifically for Canada Visa. Whenever application is refused due to any reason, general refusal letter checklist is handed over to the applicant. This makes it difficult to know the exact reason for refusal of the application. Caips gives details on what all documents were taken into consideration and how was the decision reached, importantly why visa officer refused the application. On receiving caips notes, it gives you a detailed explanation about your rejection and about the documents /information or portions required for getting visa.


Students refused anywhere due to any reasons visit our office for this specialized service section .Our re-application administrative staff is completely committed in reviewing the reasons for refusal and study the client’s complete profile in accordance to the rules and regulations. On complete review, points which need special attention are highlighted and re-application is prepared with special attention on all the points. The goal is to get visa successfully.

Appeals & Reviews

Many times applications are refused as they lack proper presentation. With know-how of presenting an application in proper manner to visa officer the chances of visa can be improved. For many countries, there is provision of appeals and review in case if the application is refused. This can be either in case of student or immigration visa. We analyze the case thoroughly and pick up possible gaps in presentation adhering to the laws required for visa.

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